About Finit

The Finit Values

Unmatched Experiences

In 2002, we created a company where people matter more than profit. We believed that by doing excellent work with the highest standard of integrity, we could create unmatched experiences for our clients and our employees. Our culture today is built on advocacy, integrity, grit, and craftsmanship. Unlike the large consulting company approach, we are committed to the success of our clients’ programs before our profit. By rewarding consultants for aligning with our clients’ best interests – focusing on quality, efficiency, and collaboration – we’ve created a unique culture in which people freely share knowledge and take pride in their colleagues’ accomplishments.

The Finit Difference


At Finit we believe in working person-to-person not business-to-business. Our unique approach to compensation empowers our consultants to cultivate genuine, meaningful relationships with our clients and enables our consultants to align with our client’s best interests. Unlike the industry norm, Finit does not compensate based on consultant utilization, rather each consultant is compensated based on feedback provided by our clients. Finit’s values, culture, and approach to becoming a trusted advisor to our clients has led to 100% client success for every project since 2002 when we opened our doors.

The Finit Culture

Like Family

Running a business focused on people instead of profit is what makes our company truly unique. Like a family, we are compassionate to each and every employee. We advocate for each Finit colleague as a unique individual, balancing career goals with personal priorities to create the ideal Finit experience for everyone. We’ve created a culture in which people share knowledge openly, take pride in their colleagues’ accomplishments, and genuinely want each other to succeed. Our consultants and clients both benefit from our unique business model because we invest our time and energy in delivering unmatched experiences.