ReportIt: Security

Simplify security reporting in OneStream

Security reporting in OneStream is a necessary and common task. An auditor often needs to know exactly who can view and change which data in your application – and how they derived that access.  

Designing and maintaining OneStream Application Security might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re reviewing application security as part of internal controls, or you are troubleshooting user access, there’s an easy way to visualize and understand application security in OneStream – Finit’s ReportIt: Security.

Introducing Finit’s ReportIt: Security, an intuitive and interactive tool that simplifies security reporting and troubleshooting in OneStream.

ReportIt: Security also enables administrators and teams to…

  • Get a clear view of security group inheritance
  • Identify and address any gaps in user security early in the design phase
  • Determine a user’s effective permissions and what data that user can view or modify in OneStream
  • See who can view or modify data for one specific entity or workflow
  • Quickly provide auditors a listing of all metadata and associated access rights down to the user level

ReportIt: Security is a FREE tool by Finit. There is no configuration or customization necessary. Simply submit a request below, download and import the .ZIP file, and start using it immediately.

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Gain visibility and transparency in your OneStream security with useful reports

Object reporting – These reports enable you to understand the complete security setup for workflows, transformation rules, metadata, and more. They allow for a comprehensive review of security design, as well as the ability to quickly spot security settings that require updates, troubleshoot access issues, and get a more holistic view of an individual’s access.

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Security group and user reporting – This report is useful when you need to know more about which groups users are in – or which users are in a group by allowing you to see both direct assignments and inherited security access in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Security hierarchy reporting – To gain transparency of how groups interact with each other, this report shows the parent-child relationships among security groups and users in a hierarchical format.

Ad hoc security reporting – Manage OneStream licenses by using reports designed to identify users not assigned to security groups and vice versa.

When you have questions like these…

  • What is a user’s effective access, and how was it inherited?
  • Do any objects have “everyone” as the maintenance group?
  • Are there users holding OneStream licenses that can be deactivated?

…you need ReportIt: Security.

Yes, I’d like to simplify security reporting and troubleshooting in OneStream with ReportIt: Security. For more information email