Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

The quality of an organization’s financial plan lies in the ability to analyze a combination of facts and variables in a way that is reliably insightful and predictive. The ability to repeat the process, reassess the information, and realign goals is essential to making accurate predictions and developing purposeful capital, operational, and market strategies. The financial planning process becomes an accurate and reliable tool for strategy-setting and financial measurement. This is accomplished by identifying factors that consistently drive revenues and costs, obtaining understanding and buy-in from those providing data, and building a simple yet controlled solution.

The most effective planning processes are iterative, linking strategic and operating plans with regular forecasts and risk/opportunity analysis. The process itself is built to focus planners on identifying the drivers and assumptions behind their financial plans, not just generating numbers for aggregation. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tools are implemented to speed the cycle time between iterations and to improve accuracy and modeling capabilities.


Finit builds the following solutions for planning and forecasting

  • Revenue and COGS Planning
  • Workforce and Labor Planning
  • R&D Project Planning
  • IT Project Planning
  • Driver-Based Planning
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Risk and Opportunity Analysis
  • Financial Planning Process Improvement
  • Linking Strategic Plans to Operating Plans
  • Seeding of Financial Plans
  • Target versus Bottom-Up Budgeting
  • Weekly Sales and Cash Forecasting