Implementation Methodology

Finit’s full life-cycle implementation methodology centers on five sequential project phases with infrastructure, integration, and project management activities crossing all five phases. 

Phase 1: Discover & Design

This first phase of the project is our earliest opportunity to act as your advocate by developing a clear, detailed, comprehensive understanding of your goals. At this stage, we finalize requirements and scope for the implementation, develop a high-level blueprint for applications, and create an initial prototype. During Discover & Design, we also identify and address the key project risks and design decisions that will impact the success of the implementation. Recognizing and planning for critical implementation concerns early in the project enables you to mitigate those risks and avoid later impacts to project timing.

Finit focuses on reviewing key requirements, design decisions, and prototypes of design options with your team so that there is full transparency into how the applications will function. This facilitates effective review, discussion, and sign-off, as well as establishes confidence to move forward into the Build phase.

Phase 2: Build

Iterative detailed design and application development are the key activities during the Build phase. In this phase, we’re working from a foundation of experience yet tailoring the design to fit your organization’s specific needs. We’re also repeatedly demonstrating and refining the applications for your team so that the build process is transparent, and learning is continuous. It’s important to Finit that your team has a solution that meets every requirement but is also simple, flexible, and maintainable.

Phase 3: Train & Test

The Train & Test phase includes developing and delivering end-user training and performing functional user acceptance and parallel testing. The goal is to finalize the applications and ensure end-user readiness for deployment of the CPM solution. At Finit, we structure all end-user training to be hands-on, in the real application, working with each individual user’s own data. This gives users the opportunity to experience the real process, practice real tasks, and ask real questions about their own data during training, thus preparing them to perform successfully on their own.

Phase 4: Deploy

Go-live on the full CPM solution and final transition of solution ownership to your team occur during the Deploy phase. At Finit, we find it interesting and fulfilling to create something exceptional for someone else, and the Deploy phase is where we get to see the value of the solution delivered.

During the Deploy phase, we plan for the level of support your team will need going forward. In some cases, this means more intense, short-term post-go-live transitional support from the Finit implementation team as well as long-term, SME support from Finit Answers. We want to create an unmatched experience that endures after the implementation is complete, and our goal is to set you up for long-term, sustaining success.