Close & Consolidation

Accuracy and confidence in financial reporting are built on repeatable processes and reliable systems. Financial statements provide accountability and maintain the trust of your key stakeholders. Preserving that trust means producing accurate, relevant information within a consistently short timeframe by following the same controlled steps for each close cycle. Data ownership, process automation, and tight financial systems integration are some components of an efficient, confidence-sustaining close and consolidation process.

A high-quality consolidation solution creates value beyond external reporting into areas like internal management reporting, tax reporting, and government regulatory reporting. The companies with the most impactful close and consolidation processes combine quarterly external reporting requirements with the more granular data needed for tax provisioning and returns, statutory compliance, and internal analysis. These companies go beyond high-level reporting, tailoring their applications to meet the needs of multiple decision makers within the finance organization. Their consolidation solutions get everyone in finance on the same page with a consistent, cohesive, trusted view of financial statement data that provides the right detail to each group.

Finit builds accuracy and confidence in your financial reporting process with the following solutions


  • Cash Flow Automation
  • Intercompany Matching, Reconciliation, and Elimination
  • Foreign Currency Translation Impact Analysis
  • Automated Equity Pickup
  • Streamlined Financial Close
  • Enhanced Financial Consolidation
  • Tax Reporting
  • Statutory, Regulatory and Government Reporting
  • Account Reconciliations
  • External Reporting
  • Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture Modeling
  • External Segment, Business Unit, and Legal Entity Reporting
  • Controlled Supplemental Data Collection and Reporting
  • Historical Data Reconciliation Accelerators