OneStream Services

Finit became OneStream Software’s first consulting partner in 2011. We led the implementations for OneStream’s first three live clients and played a design and advisory role after the first version of the software was released.  We continue to be OneStream’s primary implementation partner and to have a team within our consulting group that focuses specifically on OneStream Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions.

Finit’s relationship with OneStream’s founders dates back to 2002, when Finit became UpStream Software’s first consulting partner. UpStream was acquired by Hyperion in 2006 and rebranded as Financial Data Quality Management (FDM). The founders of UpStream later went on to form OneStream Software, and we are proud to have continued a close relationship with their management team.


Finit provides consulting and support services on the OneStream XF platform in the following areas

  • Data Quality and Workflow
  • Analytical Cube for Financial Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, and Special Purpose Solutions
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • XF Marketplace