Profitability & Management Reporting

Long-term profitability management depends on having detailed, multi-perspective insight into data. By measuring and analyzing results at a granular level, you can clearly determine which products, services, markets, and customers are driving your profitability. That insight into the core of the business enables you to make informed decisions about which investments are generating returns, which initiatives require redirection, and where to shift your resources next.

Leading companies perform profitability analysis globally, with trusted financial data that matches internal management reporting. These companies understand what is driving their profitability, and they focus their time and effort on the analysis that will drive real action. Do the allocation methodologies clarify your view of profitability, or do they create unnecessary layers of complexity? Which segments of the business illuminate strategic opportunities versus simply adding another set of reports to the package? A well-designed Corporate Performance Management (CPM) application highlights targeted, insightful information for profitability management while removing what is irrelevant or distracting from your view.


Finit builds the following solutions for profitability and management reporting

  • Allocation Methodologies and Calculations
  • Product and Customer P&L Reporting
  • Special Project Reporting
  • KPIs and Statistical Calculations
  • Bridge Variance Analysis
  • Cost Center Reporting
  • Functional Area Reporting
  • Organic Growth and Acquisition Impact Reporting
  • Constant Rate FX Analysis
  • Treasury FX Impact Analysis
  • Modeling