The Finit Experience

Your career should be an unmatched experience, both personal and purposeful.



The Consulting Experience

Consultants come from a variety of backgrounds. What we all share is that we find it interesting and fulfilling to use technology to create something exceptional for someone else. We enjoy the project lifecycle and the constant exposure to new industries, processes, and people. The pride and enthusiasm we gain from crafting and executing solutions that have value, meaning, and impact for others are what inspire us to pursue a consulting career.

The CPM Technology Experience

The fundamental goal in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) technology is to provide more insightful information more quickly so that people can make better decisions. Finit consultants build solutions that enable our clients to analyze items like currency impacts within cash flow, detailed product profitability, and financial scenario modelling. Simultaneously, we automate and streamline data so that information is available to decision-makers when they need it. By helping our clients leverage CPM technology, we get to see the impact people can have when they make smarter, faster, simpler decisions.

The Finit Experience

We believe running a business focused on people instead of profit is what makes our company truly unique. We do not reward consultants for utilization or project profitability; instead, we reward them for aligning with our clients’ best interests and caring as much as our clients do. By rewarding quality, efficiency, and collaboration, we’ve created a culture in which people share knowledge openly, take pride in their colleagues’ accomplishments, and genuinely want each other to succeed.

We don’t talk about billable hours – we talk about how to design and craft the best possible solution for a client’s needs. We don’t look for ways to increase client revenue – we look for ways to act as our clients’ stewards, anticipating risks and offering guidance to them with utmost integrity. Most importantly, we advocate for each Finit colleague as a unique individual, balancing career goals with personal priorities to create the ideal Finit experience for everyone.

Take your career path from a progression of days to a series of experiences.