Application Control Manager (ACM)

This MarketPlace solution was acquired by OneStream from Finit, who originally developed and implemented the solution. RequestIt, renamed Application Control Manager (ACM), was designed to address key challenges faced by CFO organizations.

Manage and conquer change

A powerful, easy-to-use OneStream MarketPlace Solution

CFO organizations face constant change. As the organizational structure evolves, entities need to be reorganized. End users may require additional security access to perform their responsibilities.


Often, change is managed through manual processes with many disconnected solutions. The current state churn prevents a CFO organization from evolving, progressing, and effectively managing change as best it can. This hinders critical analysis and efficiency, increases risks of error, and results in a lack of controls–potentially adding extra steps and extra costs.

A complete “CFO Change Management Platform” offering key functionality

RequestIt™ provides a holistic and integrated approach to CFO change, enabling you to manage the request, workflow, approval, and execution of CFO changes systematically within OneStream.

  • Seamless user experience
  • Flexible and robust workflows
  • Start-to-finish audit trail and controls framework
  • Powerful automation capabilities
  • Deep integration to commit approved changes to OneStream

Benefits of RequestIt

Data governance – Establish governance for CFO change management inside OneStream

Holistic CFO change management – Manage many types of change: metadata, security, help desk, capital, and workforce requests

Improved controls with cost savings – Gain a clear and full audit trail from the request start to commit within the solution; save significant internal time and cost with audit and controls compliance through logging and audit trail reporting

Finance-owned and managed – Deploy and manage RequestIt by your OneStream admin and power users to improve efficiency and independence

Process automation – Manage and automate tracking, workflow, notification, and approval process

Quick time-to-value – Leverage pre-built workflows for different change types

Save time and reduce risks by systematically and efficiently managing change within OneStream

RequestIt metadata governance & management

With RequestIt, end users can initiate requests for metadata changes (e.g. new account) and route the request through necessary workflow steps including enrichment and approvals. RequestIt logs and tracks workflow progress, individual changes, and approvals for each step. Upon final approval, RequestIt commits the approved metadata changes directly into your OneStream application and provides notifications and a clear start-to-finish audit trail.


RequestIt security access requests

Initiate requests for end user security access changes and route the security request through necessary workflow steps, including enrichment and approvals. Security change requests can include options to mirror access of another end user as well as contain required and optional security property information. Upon final approval, RequestIt commits the approved user security access changes directly into OneStream and provides notifications and a clear start-to-finish audit trail.

RequestIt automated metadata integration

Metadata workflow processes can be fully automated by integrating master data from source systems or Master Data Management (MDM) solutions and committing it to OneStream. RequestIt determines the differences between source master data and the metadata that currently exists in OneStream and creates a clear audit trail of the unique differences. The unique differences are automatically added to a change request and routed through the workflow steps. This provides an automated yet traceable process to keep OneStream metadata synchronized with your source master data.


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