Design Methodology

Finit’s design methodology is a process of craftsmanship and collaboration

Design Objectives

The Design phase of the project is our earliest opportunity to act as your advocate by developing a clear, detailed, comprehensive understanding of your goals. Our objectives during this phase are to

  • Obtain a deep knowledge of your current source and reporting systems, reports, processes, pain-points, improvement opportunities, and future vision
  • Define the key application requirements and finalize the overall program scope for your Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution
  • Design the solution to address your requirements and align to your future CPM vision

It is critical to get as deep as possible on design and scope considerations during this first phase of the project so that the project plan can be finalized and subsequent phases executed with minimal risk and surprises. To achieve that in-depth level of discussion and design collaboration, Finit conducts a series of targeted design workshops with solution stakeholders to fully vet functional requirements and expectations. The global solution design is derived from those deep-dive conversations between Finit and your subject matter experts. The global design lays the foundation for application prototyping and more detailed, iterative design.

Iterative Design

To facilitate real collaboration and discussion between Finit and your team, we repeatedly demonstrate, review, and refine application prototypes together, using real data sets and working through authentic functional scenarios. Our iterative design process is based on the fact that you can’t truly understand and sign off on a design that exists only on paper – you have to be able to “touch” the application to provide critical feedback and ensure that the solution is crafted and tailored to your requirements.

The design and build process should be transparent, so that your team is continuously experiencing firsthand how the applications will function. Our iterative design process ensures that Finit is aligned to your goals and crafting a solution that will deliver unmatched value to you.