Service Areas

Finit leads clients through full lifecycle implementations, application redesigns, and upgrades. We bring a team of application and functional process resources to these larger-scope projects within the OneStream Corporate Performance Management (CPM) product suite.

Implementation Services

Finit leads the Discover & Design, Build, Test & Train, and Deploy phases of complex, multi-focused, full lifecycle implementations. We handle source-to-target data integration as well as the load and reconciliation of historical source data, thus reducing data-related risks to the project timeline. Throughout the implementation, we apply our project leadership to anticipate and mitigate risk, ensuring that the value and goals of the project are realized on schedule and within budget.

In addition to full lifecycle implementations, Finit guides clients through application redesigns and continuous improvement projects. We take a strategic advisory role, guiding you to plan beyond the scope and timeline of individual projects for long-term, sustained success.

Expert Answers

Our Expert Answers team complements your internal financial systems team’s skillset by providing deeper expertise and resources for complex application challenges. We can assist with general support and with special projects like changing the organization’s fiscal year, the application implications of an acquisition or divestiture, or new analysis and reporting requests from upper management. Expert Answers exists to support and enhance your team – not to replace it. Whether you just need an expert to bounce ideas off for 30 minutes, or a dedicated resource to spend a month making major application changes, Expert Answers is here to help by providing your team with additional SME knowledge and experience.

All Expert Answers resources have previously been implementation consultants and have 10+ years of experience in the applications. 

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Development Services

Finit’s development services group focuses on developing solutions for clients with very specific requirements outside the basic functionality of their toolset. Examples include developing installation packages for the deployment of Excel add-in utilities like Quick View and utilizing product API calls to extend product functionality. Our development team creates and applies project accelerators and VB macro utilities to speed project and implementation tasks, tighten system integration, and improve processing efficiency.