Infrastructure & Integration

Technical infrastructure and integration among systems provide the foundation for your Corporate Performance Management (CPM) applications. Server architecture and optimization drive the performance, stability, and security of your systems, thus giving end users an experience of application reliability and quick responsiveness. Speed and consistency are essential – a faster, better integrated system instills trust. It’s critical that the right architecture, optimization, and integration processes are in place to maintain that confidence.

Efficient, controlled, consistent integration among systems provides the accuracy and reliability that users need to perform their tasks and provide meaningful information. Replacing manual processes with back end automation significantly speeds up processes and reduces the risk of human error, allowing your team to spend more time on analysis and less time on data movement. Data integration is more than just moving data from one system to another – it’s preserving data quality and ensuring that when data moves, it remains accurate and complete. Zero tolerance for poor data quality leads to trusted reporting solutions.

Finit builds the following solutions for infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Tuning and Optimization
  • Environment Architecture Strategy and Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Hosting and Cloud Strategy
  • Virtualization versus Physical Analysis and Strategy

Finit builds the following solutions for integration 

  • Source System Direct Connection and Pull Integration
  • Drill-back to Source and Transactional Systems
  • Downstream System Integration
  • Data Loader Process Flow and Experience
  • Triangulation Accelerator
  • Master Data Governance