The Finit Consultant


Joining the Finit team means sharing Finit’s core cultural values of integrity, personal drive, innate curiosity, and empathy for others. Our consultants enrich the experience of their clients and colleagues by being candid yet egoless and collaborative yet self-directed. We are driven to Deliver Amazing for others, and we look for candidates who can demonstrate their own inquisitiveness, grit, and personal touch.


Finit consultants come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of us have been implementing financial systems for decades. Many of us come from corporate accounting, with backgrounds as consolidations managers, financial analysts, financial systems administrators, and directors of financial planning. On the IT side, we have consultants from backgrounds in infrastructure, database management, application support, and programming. Others have come from backgrounds as diverse as public audit, project management, and even law. What we all share is an interest in, and affinity for, crafting and building corporate performance management technology solutions that are highly impactful for our clients.


2-5 years: Finit consultants in the first 5 years of their careers not only enjoy learning but have an established, tangible pattern of teaching themselves new things. We look for early-career candidates to have a solid foundation in accounting and/or technology, excellent communication skills, and the ability to discuss prior roles and responsibilities at a detailed level.

5-10 years: At 5-10 years into their career, Finit consultants demonstrate deep functional and/or technical proficiency. Candidates at this level should have the communication skills, collaborative spirit, professional maturity, and skillset to provide day-to-day project leadership.

10+ years: Experienced Finit consultants have both the functional and technical knowledge to anticipate risks and offer guidance to clients beyond the scope and timeline of individual projects. These consultants build solutions that are rooted in depth of experience but also tailored to fit a specific and unique set of needs for each client. Experienced candidates must share Finit’s belief that creating value starts with aligning ourselves with our clients’ best interests.


Finit consultants typically have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in accounting, finance, IT, or a closely related field.

Physical Requirements

It’s important to note Finit is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other relevant employment laws. We acknowledge that individuals may have different physical capabilities and we are dedicated to making reasonable accommodations to assist employees in performing the essential functions of their jobs. Our roles are primarily based in an office setting, involving tasks such as computer-based work, attending meetings, and conducting routine office activities. Travel constitutes a significant part of this role, up to 40%. This includes both car and air travel to client sites, conferences, and meetings.

The physical requirements for all jobs at Finit are:

  • Sitting: Extensive periods of sitting are required, including working at a desk and during travel. This accounts for approximately 55% of the workday.
  • Standing: Standing is occasionally required, typically during client engagements, presentations, or networking events, constituting about 15% of the workday.
  • Walking: Regular walking is necessary for moving within offices at client sites, and during travel, making up about 15% of the workday.
  • Lifting and Carrying:
    • Weight Range: The role may require lifting and carrying items such as laptops, portable presentation equipment, and document files, usually not exceeding 20 pounds.
    • Frequency:
      • Occasional Lifting: Occurs approximately 15% of the workday, primarily during travel and client visits.
      • Frequent or Constant Lifting: Not typically required for this role.
  • Talking on Phone Conversation: Engaging in phone conversations with clients and team members is frequent, making up about 35% of the workday.
  • Web Conferencing: Participating in web conferences with clients and internal teams is a regular part of the role, accounting for approximately 35% of the workday.

Employees who require accommodations are encouraged to discuss their needs with us so that we can make the appropriate accommodations.