Planning Process Considerations

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Finit

Finit has delivered solutions for the office of finance 20 years, beginning in 2002 with a focus on Oracle EPM. In 2011, we were the first OneStream implementation partner and delivered the first OneStream solution to go live. We no longer offer consulting services for Oracle EPM. However, the functional experience and technical expertise built from this experience form the foundation of our industry-leading OneStream practice.

Are you an FP&A Business User that is looking to improve your Planning Process by implementing purpose built software? Get a glimpse inside the decision making process while preparing for a Hyperion Planning or PBCS implementation. Join Bryan Hogan as he addresses all your Planning questions.

  • What are the different Plan & Forecast types and what are the benefits of each?
  • What do all the different Planning Buzzwords / Terms really mean for my company (for example, Driver Based Planning, Rolling Forecast, Bottoms-up Forecast, etc.)?
  • What different planning methodologies can be used to develop a forecast?
  • How low should I go?  What level of planning makes sense to provide an effective management tool to help guide the business and make proactive business decisions?
  • What pain points am I likely to face as a planner but also as a business owner involved in the planning process?
  • Are there benefits to using a flexible Excel model versus a centralized planning solution?
Presenter: Bryan Hogan

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