All Things Chart of Accounts

Presenter: | May 31, 2016

Determining the chart of accounts is a pivotal step in the development of any EPM solution, regardless of the product that is being implemented. Finit will be hosting a webinar to discuss various topics that should be considered when deciding on a chart of accounts. With a focus on users in both Finance and IT organizations, this webinar will be useful for anyone preparing to implement a new EPM solution, or redesign an existing application. Join us as we discuss and provide examples of:

  • The importance of the chart of accounts and application dependencies
  • Matching a chart of accounts to the application’s purpose and usage
  • The benefits and trade-offs of:

    • Level of detail included in the chart of accounts
    • Naming conventions
    • Design – Functional, Natural, or Hybrid?
  • Downstream impacts on other aspects of the reporting process:
  • Data Integration
  • Cash Flow
  • Other specialized reporting

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