Automating Data Loads with FDMEE

Presenter: | Jan 13, 2016

Perhaps you are currently running batch processes in FDM and want to understand how you will replicate the setup in FDMEE in the future.  Then again, you may have already implemented FDMEE and are up and running with standard data loads but you are looking to enhance your processes through automation.  Either way, this webinar will have something for you!  We will answer questions such as:
  • Where do I start? If there is no Workbench with FDMEE, how do I get to “Tools->Batch Processing”?
  • What is a batch definition?
  • If I currently have some custom scripting around my standard batch, how can I handle this in FDMEE?
  • What are my options for working with multiple batches?
  • Without Task Manager, how do I schedule batches in FDMEE?

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