Breaking Through the Cloud Part II: FCCS, Closing in on Full Parity with HFM

Presenter: | Mar 1, 2018

A complete review of FCCS to help you understand current functionality and key product features.

Is your company considering moving its financial reporting from on-premises to the cloud? Have you heard that Financial Close and Consolidation Cloud Services (FCCS) is now closer to achieving full parity with HFM? Join us for Part II of our 3-part series “Breaking Through the Cloud” as we take a look at the most recent releases of FCCS as it closes in to be on equal footing with HFM. Learn the details about FCCS, what this product is capable of and understand the key features and functionality that Oracle has added into FCCS.

Attendees will be provided with insight to assess their options on the close and consolidation front. Part II, Closing in on Full Parity with FCCS will include:

  • The main features of FCCS
  • Noteworthy Features and Oracle’s release roadmap
  • A comparison of Features between HFM and FCCS
  • Additional Features of FCCS that may not be in HFM



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