Cash is King – Cash Forecasting & Analysis in a Crisis

Presenter: | Jun 2, 2020

The current COVID-19 crisis has made short-term cash planning a necessity. Businesses need to understand their cash position and their projected future cash flows at a more detailed level. Finit has helped clients rapidly implement solutions to meet these needs and gain insights into their global cash position.

Finit’s Phil Brosnan will walk through some examples of how we quickly deployed solutions to collect daily cash position and weekly cash forecasting data within OneStream. Replacing our client’s Excel based cash forecasting process enabled them to standardize the process, leverage workflow for status visibility, and accelerate the availability of reporting. It also gave them insight into areas where they previously didn’t have visibility, such as their daily cash position.

In this webinar you’ll learn about the solutions Finit has implemented to help clients forecast and analyze their cash. In addition, you’ll learn how…

  • To analyze current actual cash position by day, by underlying bank account currency, for each reporting entity and consolidated
  • To collect and analyze projected cash burn and liquidity needs over the near-term (13 weeks)
  • To rapidly deploy these solutions by leveraging your existing OneStream foundation and investment
  • Finit can help implement these solutions for you

This webinar includes time for questions.

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