Formula and Business Rule Efficiency in OneStream

Presenter: | Jul 14, 2016

OneStream is an extremely flexible platform and has really been making a name for itself in the CPM (Corporate Performance Management) market. In addition to everything that the software can do out-of-the-box, at Finit we can customize your application to meet a wide range of complex business requirements. The limits of OneStream’s flexibility is based more on the boundaries of consultants’ / administrators’ imagination and rule building abilities than any real constraints which exist within OneStream itself. Inside OneStream XF there are a variety of modules where rules/calculations can reside and there is ample opportunity for configurations to extend your system’s functionality. Types of rules which exist are:

  • Member Formulas
  • Business Rules
  • Transformation Rules
  • Confirmation Rules

Join us for an explanation of the fundamental principles around creating efficient process and business rules and scripts within OneStream as we focus on:

  • Minimizing processing time
  • Decreasing manual application maintenance
  • Data storage
  • Script development

Additionally, we will explain Data Buffers / Eval Buffers, and then introduce some of the new functionality that has been developed for the 3.7 release of OneStream XF.

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