Hyperion Planning: Predictive Planning: What? When? How?

Presenter: | Aug 21, 2015

Finit has delivered solutions for the office of finance 20 years, beginning in 2002 with a focus on Oracle EPM. In 2011, we were the first OneStream implementation partner and delivered the first OneStream solution to go live. We no longer offer consulting services for Oracle EPM. However, the functional experience and technical expertise built from this experience form the foundation of our industry-leading OneStream practice.

Oracle continues to improve the features and functionality their core products and Hyperion Planning is no exception. The Predictive Planning feature was released with Hyperion Planning version in 2012 but how many companies have had a chance to implement it yet? Most have been busy upgrading existing applications or building out basic Planning applications. Many companies probably think that implementing another feature will be difficult, costly, and an administrative nightmare. Not so!

During this webinar we will discuss the features of the Predictive Planning module including installation, settings, and using it to make predictions. We will demonstrate in a Planning application the use of the module from building the forms to using them within Excel with the add-in.

Attendees will learn about the module, its features, implementation steps, and how users may use it during a planning cycle without difficulty, great cost, or nightmares for the administrators.

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