One Small Step – Tips and Tricks for Transitioning to FDMEE

Presenter: | Nov 18, 2016

Are you considering making the leap from FDM Classic to FDMEE? Have you already committed to FDMEE and want a better idea of what’s in store? Join us as we travel through the transition process and learn what steps are involved in the transition from FDM to FDMEE including:

  • An overview of the FDM to FDMEE Oracle Migration Utility
  • What types of access will be required to different data sources to perform the migration
  • Updates to your existing FDM application to make the transition smoother
  • Items to address in your newly created FDMEE application

We will also discuss some of the subtle differences between the versions including (but not limited to):

  • Scripting
  • Case sensitivity
  • Multidimensional mapping
  • Security

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