OneStream 3D Cash Flow – Make Your Cash Flow Stand Out

Presenter: | Sep 14, 2023

Come explore the design, implementation, and benefits of Finit’s innovative 3D Cash Flow in OneStream. Discover the art of leveraging dimensionality and logic for a streamlined Cash Flow solution with complete financial statement traceability. Join in on a LIVE solution demo and see just some of our impactful reporting in this webinar.

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • The Statement of Cash Flows – a brief overview.
  • What does 2D vs. 3D Cash Flow mean?
  • The benefits of implementing a 3D Cash Flow model.
  • How standard and configurable dimensions in OneStream are utilized to develop the model.
  • The underlying logic used to source data from the Balance Sheet, P&L, and Rollforwards and populate it into the Statement of Cash Flows.

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