OneStream – What’s Possible Part II

Presenter: | Apr 7, 2016

More and more clients are continuing to expand their OneStream investment by radically changing the way they collect information.   Given the many ways it’s possible to store comments, supporting detail, attachments, etc. OneStream continues to allow users to centralize and streamline their entire close process.
As a continuation of the previous “What’s Possible” webinar, we explore the possibilities for collecting “non-numeric” financial data. Find out how companies are using OneStream to efficiently collect and report on:
  • Supporting Detail – I see a number in OneStream, but what’s the detail behind it?
  • Adjustment Commentary – I want to know who’s making an adjustment, when they made it and why?
  • Supporting Documentation – Where can we store attachments and supporting files that are required for compliance?
  • User Sign Offs and Questionnaires – Where can we ask questions and collect responses that are required for compliance?
  • Variance Commentary – why is a number up or down over time or compared to budget?
  • Bridge Analysis – what’s driving the change versus a prior period or versus budget?
  • Other Miscellaneous Non-Numeric Data Collection Options

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