RequestIt: A Complete CFO Change Management Platform

Presenter: | May 31, 2019

This MarketPlace solution was acquired by OneStream from Finit, who originally developed and implemented the solution. RequestIt, renamed Application Control Manager (ACM), was designed to address key challenges faced by CFO organizations, including:

  • Irrelevant and inflexible systems, significant churn, and inefficiencies in making changes.
  • Lack of controls and lack of audit visibility that create delays in evolving and enhancing critical systems
  • Considerable manual work by internal teams to produce audit change documentation

In this webinar, you will learn how this powerful, easy-to-use OneStream MarketPlace Solution provides a holistic and integrated approach to CFO change, and enables you to manage the request, workflow, approval, and execution of CFO changes systematically within OneStream.

Learn how RequestIt can help you

  • Manage data governance and management
  • Address security access requests
  • Automate metadata integration

Learn about the benefits of RequestIt relating to:

  • Data governance
  • Holistic CFO change management
  • Improved controls with cost savings
  • Finance owned and managed
  • Process automation
  • Quick time-to-value

Focused on managing CFO changes, RequestIt is built entirely inside OneStream platform as a MarketPlace solution, creating a seamless user experience and tight integration.

At Finit we have the largest OneStream consulting team and OneStream practice. And, we have completed the most complex implementations with many of the largest organizations that have selected OneStream. This expertise uniquely positions us to address key issues that CFO organizations face.

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