The Agony of Account Reconciliations – Can the OneStream Account Reconciliations Solution be a treatment for the pain?

Presenter: | Aug 26, 2020

For most companies, the monthly account reconciliation process is manual, has no standard format, and has no formal tracking or reporting capabilities. As a result the process is time consuming and painful. Can the OneStream Account Reconciliations Solution help streamline this monthly process?

In this webinar you will learn from Finit’s seasoned expert about the world of account reconciliations and how the OneStream Account Reconciliations Solution can help make them easier. You’ll also learn:

  • What is an account reconciliation?
  • What are the various types of account reconciliations?
  • What are some different approaches to completing an account reconciliation?
  • Why are account reconciliations such a pain?
  • Why do I have to complete account reconciliations?
  • How can the OneStream Account Reconciliations Solution help me ease my reconciliation pain?

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