Drill Smarter, Not Harder

Meet DrillIt: an intuitive drill-down solution that enables your entire organization to analyze data and variances easier, faster, and smarter than ever before.

Unlock Invaluable Analytics — Fast 

Supercharge your team:

DrillIt puts key business data at your team’s fingertips, transforming every user into a power user.

Fewer clicks, more satisfaction:

With up to 50% fewer clicks than existing drill-down methods, DrillIt expedites business decisions and inspires rewarding financial outcomes for all.  

Installs in minutes:

Requires zero development time or internal cost to maintain. Install and start using our solution in minutes, not months.  

“DrillIt answers 95% of all questions coming from finance, helping them to understand variances and drivers. We now have 4,000 power users.”

Drill Down to Better Financial Outcomes

Designed by Finit’s leading architects: DrillIt makes drilling into multiple dimensions and member sets simple and seamless for all.

Does the work for you: Allows your team to quickly change data view and perform robust ad-hoc variances directly within OneStream.

Works with any & every report: Preconfigured to work with any existing report in any application, Drillit improves the drilling experience of every reporting user in your organization.

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