PartnerPlace Solutions

Empower your team with plug-and-play PartnerPlace solutions

Built exclusively for OneStream customers, our plug-and-play solutions are designed to supercharge users and instantly impact your organization. Deployable in minutes, not months, our solutions portfolio inspires vital innovations and spurs ever greater outcomes.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our solutions below and join us as we explore what’s possible at the intersection of “what if” and “what’s next.”

DrillIt: Drill Smarter, Not Harder

Meet DrillIt: our intuitive drill-down solution that enables your entire organization to analyze data and variances easier, faster, and smarter than ever before.

Transform Your Team

DrillIt makes drilling into multiple dimensions and member sets simple and seamless for everyone in your organization, transforming every user into a power user.

Fewer Clicks, More Satisfaction

With up to 50% fewer clicks required than the existing drill-down methods, DrillIt equips your team with insightful and relevant analytics fast — inspiring rewarding financial outcomes for all.

Installs in Minutes

Preconfigured to work with any existing report in any OneStream application, DrillIt requires no development time or internal cost to maintain.

AllocateIt: Democratizing Data

AllocateIt is our plug-and-play allocation solution that empowers your team to easily create and analyze allocation data for transparent, truly informed decision-making across your business.

Speedy Creation & Implementation

Our no-code approach helps your team quickly create, install, configure, and maintain allocation definitions without writing code or hiring a programmer.

Clear View into Data

Genealogy, our proprietary feature, gives your team an unprecedented level of insight into data with a full audit trail of the allocation process.

Simple & Easy to Use

With a streamlined, user-friendly interface, your finance team can easily control exactly when, where, and how allocations are run as well as integrate pre-built dashboards to any Cube view.

ToolkIt: How Admins Win

ToolkIt is a powerful collection of 35+ reports and utilities that empowers and elevates administrators so they can analyze key security, metadata and performance data more efficiently.

Invest in Your Admin Team

Streamlining essential and repetitive tasks, ToolkIt saves OneStream administrators valuable time and energy, freeing them to optimize platform processes and expedite key business decisions.

Tried & Tested Solutions

Including reports and utilities hand-selected by the team that made Finit the leading implementer of OneStream software, ToolkIt solves real-world client scenarios across security, data unit analysis, and Stage visibility.

Less Time, Better Results

ToolkIt centralizes and automates more than 35 reports in one user-friendly solution, saving administrators up to 30 minutes every time a report is run, compared to existing methods.