AllocateIt: Democratizing Data 

Introducing AllocateIt, a solution that empowers your entire team to easily create and analyze allocation data for transparent, truly informed decision-making across your business.

Allocation Data & Insights for All 

Speedy creation & implementation:

AllocateIt allows your team to quickly create, install, configure, and maintain allocation definitions without writing code or hiring a programmer.

Clear view into data:

Genealogy, our proprietary feature, gives your team an unprecedented level of insight into the origins of allocated data not previously possible on OneStream.

Simple & easy to use:

Streamlined and user-friendly, AllocateIt enables your finance team to easily control exactly when, where, and how allocations are run.

“Instantly create and configure allocation data, saving thousands of lines in code — no programmer required.”

Your No-Code Allocation Assistant

No-code approach:
AllocateIt is built to save tens of thousands of lines in allocation definition code, reducing development and deployment time by 99%.

Transparent audit trail:
Use our genealogy feature to view a full audit trail of the allocation process, resolving any how/when/where questions about your data.

Quick installation & impact:
Representing 2,000+ hours of Finit development time, AllocateIt installs and configures in minutes for instant positive impact.

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