How Admins Win  

Meet ToolkIt: a powerful collection of 35+ reports & utilities that empowers and elevates administrators so they can analyze key security, metadata, and performance data more efficiently.

The ToolkIt Advantage 

Invest in your admin team:

Streamlining essential and repetitive tasks, ToolkIt saves OneStream administrators significant time and energy, freeing up time for larger value adds.

Tried & tested solutions:

A collection of reports and utilities that solve real-world client scenarios, hand-selected by the leading implementer of OneStream software.

Less time, better results:

ToolkIt centralizes and automates more than 35 reports in one user-friendly interface, saving up to 30 minutes every time a report is completed.

“Admins are the unsung heroes of OneStream. We built ToolkIt to make their lives easier.”

Empower Your Admin Team

Automate repetitive tasks:
Optimize platform processes and expedite key business decisions that drive better financial outcomes for your entire organization.

A powerful admin hub:
Includes 25+ security and Stage Data reports as well as a SearchIt tool that searches across your application for all areas requiring an update.

Quick installation & impact:
Requires zero development and deployment time. Install and implement ToolkIt in minutes, not months.

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