The Benefits of a Rolling Forecast

by Bryan Hogan, Justin Cooper | Jan 13, 2016 | Oracle

In today’s highly competitive economic environment, successful companies must rapidly adapt to fluctuations in operational and economic strategies.  Having a rolling forecast allows companies to:
  • Anticipate change and promptly respond to immediate needs
  • Proactively address long term financial consequences to the business that are not realized through traditional annual forecasting and planning methods.
  • Extend forecasting cycles further out
  • Standardize the forecast process
  • Create forecasts rapidly
  • Emphasize key drivers
Join Bryan Hogan and Justin Cooper both from Finit’s Hyperion Planning team as they discuss the functional benefits of Rolling Forecasts:
  • What are the key areas of focus for a Rolling Forecast?
  • How can a Rolling Forecast benefit my company, my division, my Cost Center?
  • Will a Rolling Forecast create more work for my analysts? Or will it actually reduce work over time?
  • Why are many companies using rolling forecasts now?  And….
  • How to implement a Rolling Forecast in Hyperion Planning “out of the box” or by utilizing a more customized solution.
Presented by :
Bryan Hogan & Justin Cooper

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