Insight and Considerations related to upgrading and converting to Version for FDM & HFM

Presenter: | Aug 21, 2015

Finit has delivered solutions for the office of finance 20 years, beginning in 2002 with a focus on Oracle EPM. In 2011, we were the first OneStream implementation partner and delivered the first OneStream solution to go live. We no longer offer consulting services for Oracle EPM. However, the functional experience and technical expertise built from this experience form the foundation of our industry-leading OneStream practice.

Oracle acquiring Hyperion has certainly brought many changes and innovations to the EPM suite – it has also meant a regular release schedule for new versions. We have seen a varied approach to upgrading and moving to new versions among our clients. Some keep current with new versions while others wait until they feel the time is right for them. There is no wrong answer to how your company approaches this, but waiting too long can have some negative consequences (like being off of “premier” support). Upgrading used to be a bit simpler, but today the EPM suite is more complex and requires additional preparation and planning.

If you are considering a migration from Hyperion Enterprise to Hyperion Financial Management or upgrading from an earlier release of HFM to the 11.1.2 series (or even the latest release)? join us for some insights on the key areas to consider for a project of this type along with significant features to examine for your possible use. Also, hear our experiences related to the latest release. This webinar will focus on the general project considerations and the functional considerations in moving from earlier versions of HFM (like to the 11.1.2 series of HFM with a new graphical user interface and the now “Open Custom Dimension” design (you can now have more than 4 Custom Dimensions).

  • What we will review:
  • What is means to upgrade to the 11.1.2 Series
  • To Migrate and/or ‘Redesign’?
  • Upgrade project considerations
  • Infrastructure Considerations
  • Performance Considerations around the Entity Structure
  • What it means to introduce additional custom dimensions
  • Changes related to FDM in

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