The Benefits of a Rolling Forecast

Presenter: | Jan 13, 2016

Finit has delivered solutions for the office of finance 20 years, beginning in 2002 with a focus on Oracle EPM. In 2011, we were the first OneStream implementation partner and delivered the first OneStream solution to go live. We no longer offer consulting services for Oracle EPM. However, the functional experience and technical expertise built from this experience form the foundation of our industry-leading OneStream practice.
In today’s highly competitive economic environment, successful companies must rapidly adapt to fluctuations in operational and economic strategies.  Having a rolling forecast allows companies to:
  • Anticipate change and promptly respond to immediate needs
  • Proactively address long term financial consequences to the business that are not realized through traditional annual forecasting and planning methods.
  • Extend forecasting cycles further out
  • Standardize the forecast process
  • Create forecasts rapidly
  • Emphasize key drivers
Join Bryan Hogan and Justin Cooper both from Finit’s Hyperion Planning team as they discuss the functional benefits of Rolling Forecasts: 

  • What are the key areas of focus for a Rolling Forecast?
  • How can a Rolling Forecast benefit my company, my division, my Cost Center?
  • Will a Rolling Forecast create more work for my analysts? Or will it actually reduce work over time?
  • Why are many companies using rolling forecasts now?  And….
  • How to implement a Rolling Forecast in Hyperion Planning “out of the box” or by utilizing a more customized solution.


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