Top 5 QuickView Tips and Tricks

Presenter: | May 19, 2021

The Excel Quick View tool within OneStream gives users, particularly those in finance, the ability to use Excel as a front-end interface while OneStream does the heavy lifting on the back-end. Quick View allows for drag, drop, and pivot ad hoc reporting. In addition, the drill downs in Quick View create the ability to achieve faster analytics with increased detail.

Some of the most requested end user training sessions are around QuickViews. QuickViews are heavily utilized in all phases of an implementation. Whether they’re used for narrowing down variances during data recon, or by an end user after go-live for an ad hoc analysis, they always come in handy. In this webinar, learn the top 5 tips and tricks for users with any level of experience to be more efficient in your day to day OneStream activities within Excel.

This webinar provides details about the following top QuickView 5 tips & tricks:

  • Manage Preferences
  • Copy a QuickView
  • Where Clause Member Filter
  • Build a QuickView via Typing
  • Easily Hard-code a POV

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